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What We Do

We help you get cheaper books by combining approved inventory suppliers and matching to your course adoptions or bulk demand. Our suppliers all follow EPEG best practices to stop counterfeit books, offer real-time inventory feeds, and have reliable shipping terms. FTB Market also guides better purchasing decisions by predicting course adoptions around the country and tracking historical supply and demand. Simply search an ISBN to see the data we're providing.

How It Works

Our goal is to get the best priced books in the hands of students. Upload your demand list or search a single ISBN to get started. Unlike other sourcing platforms who optimize for buying on Amazon, our focus is moving transactions off of Amazon so buyers preserve more margin, and ultimately, save students money. Our inventory pool has over 600,000 titles, covering 3.8 million books, from 33 approved inventory sources. We offer the convenience of other sourcing platforms with services like: bin and hold, credit terms, returns, and more.

Our Experience

We started FTB in 2011 as a nationwide network of student buyers. With years of experience buying back books on campus, we know that it's some of the best-priced inventory for stores across the country. We typically sell our leftover inventory to business partners and list on Amazon. However, we always desired a transparent platform for buyers and sellers, so we spun up a B2B platform to help other retailers keep prices low and use our internal technology to predict demand. We built the tool we wish existed, and we're inviting you to join us.

A Partner You Can Trust

We're on the same side; we felt the pain points for years before finally fixing them. We're a small, close-knit team and love helping others do what they do best. Get to know us, and we'll prove that our #1 goal is to help you serve your customers better. And, we can handle whatever you throw at us—we'll ship 50 books or 50,000 books whenever you want, at the terms you need. We'll even send you a live stream of our warehouse to watch us pack your order. :)